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Booz Allen Proposal Design
I was hired by the Booz Allen Business Development Department to bring in house visual design capabilities to the BAH Growth Team. As a dedicated visual specialist, I allowed the Growth Team to create more tailored graphics and decrease turnaround times on strategic proposals and major growth opportunities.

During my time at Booz Allen I have worked across a range of sectors including: healthcare, defense, intelligence, and space exploration on contracts up to 1.5 billion USD in potential revenue. Given the internal and often sensitive nature of government contracts, almost all of my work in this position is private, although I would be happy to discuss my capabilities in the area of proposal design, as well as data visualization in the field of government contracting.

Booz Allen Growth Team Visual Support
The Mission:
Provide visual support for the Booz Allen Growth Team in the form of graphic design, data visualization, technical illustration, and desktop publishing.

The Client:
Various Contracts Across a Broad Spectrum of Industries

The Time:

My Role:
Concept Development, Graphic Design, Production

Other Credits
Karen Ryan: Creative Direction, Management Support
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