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Flowcharts come with a specific set of challenges, and need special attention to be useful to a wide audience. Chief among these is the creation of a narrative hierarchy and flow that allows viewers to understand how all of the information elements connect without becoming lost or confused. This is fairly simple in examples like the semiconductor flowchart, where all of the information flows one way, but it becomes much more complicated in nonlinear charts like the regulation flowchart, where viewers can start and end at a multitude of locations.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Flowchart
The Mission:
Create a flowchart graphic that illustrates the process of designing and fabricating semiconductors. The chart also outlined how Trump administration trade actions tried to limit Huawei's access to semiconductors, and how effective those actions were.

The Client:
Peterson Institute

The Time:
Late 2020

My Role:
Conceptualization, Graphic Design

Other Credits
Melina Kolb:Editing, Creative Direction
Oliver Ward:Copywriting, Creative Direction
Chad Bown:Expert

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