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My name is William Melancon, I am a Washington DC based graphic designer currently working as a Lead visual technologist at Booz Allen. As the visual design lead, I create infographics, charts, and other data visualizations as a part of Booz Allen's growth team and support BAHs outreach and strategic efforts. Most of my current work involves data heavy designs, but occasionally I get to do illustration, video work, and animation. I also do freelance work through the T-Box Design LLC.

I was born in Decatur Georgia, and subsequently raised in Southern Louisiana. My first design work came when I was deployed to Afghanistan as an Marine rifleman assigned to First Battalion, Third Marines. In addition to my regular duties, I created diagrams, maps, and other graphics. After I completed my time as an active-duty Marine I enrolled as a student at Louisiana State University, where I received my degree in graphic design. During and immediately after College I worked as a freelance grip and post motion designer in the TV commercial industry in Louisiana and was eventually hired full time at Vidox Motion Imagery, where I did motion design, animation, and set work.

In 2018 I was hired as the visual designer by the Peterson Institute, a Washington DC based economics think tank currently ranked by prospect as the best financial think tank in the world. Since then, I have been especially active creating graphics about the US / China trade war, the USMCA, and the COVID-19 pandemic. My graphics have been featured everywhere from the New York Times to Brazilian textbooks to the World Economic Forum in Davos. While in DC, I have been honored with awards from Prospect Magazine and the American Advertising Federation; and look forward to creating award winning, functional, and ground-breaking design for years to come.


We've managed to get your attention, so what's the next step? For service inquiries, requests, or just to say hello, you can send me an email at wlmelancon@gmail.com, or message me directly using the form below

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